Flesh – Your Flesh is Your Worst Enemy

Flesh is the earthly part of a person, representing lusts and desires (Eph 2:3, John 6:
63, I Cor 9:27)

The flesh is contrary to your spirit man (Rom 7:15-25,
I Cor 2:14, 3:1-3, Gal 5:17)

Those who are in the flesh cannot please God (Rom 8:8, Phil 3:3, Heb 11:6). When
you are in the flesh you are not in faith (I John 2:15-17)

People blame many things on the devil, but the Bible says Jesus defeated him (Heb 2:

Jesus defeated satan at the cross.  Jesus also defeated satan in the wilderness by
saying “It is written”, then quoting what God said.  Jesus did this in the body which
means, we can do it!  That’s why it is so important to be in the word.

Jesus gave us power over the enemy, satan (Luke 10:19) to take that authority we
have to speak the Word of God that’s contrary to what the enemy is saying to you.  
Remember “It is written”.  We are delivered from the power of darkness (Col 1:13).  
We do good (Rom 12:21).   We must contrast works of the flesh with the fruit of the
Spirit. (Gal 5:19-25)

Confess, I am free from . . .  (Rom 6:6-12, Gal 2:20)

My words will not be against Him (Rom 4:17) call those things…

The weakness of the flesh was blamed for the disciples inability to keep watch with
Jesus in Gethsemane on the eve of His crucifixion (Matt 26:41, Mark 14:38).

We are a new creation in Christ (II Cor 5:17) but we have to take off the old man and
put on the new man (Eph 4:22-32; Col 3:8-10) it is not automatic, however when we
start trying, God gives us grace to do it.

To build up the flesh we need do these things (Josh 1:8, I Cor 14:4, Jude 20)

Tell your flesh what to do!
Tell your flesh how to act!

The devil is a liar, so don’t believe anything he says! And do the opposite.

Follow Christ (Eph 5:1-2)

Say what God says about your circumstance.

Put on the armor of God (Eph 6:10-18)

Walk in the Spirit (in the Word of God) (Prov 4:21-22, Prov 12:14a, Rom 8:1-2, Rom
12:1-2, Gal 5:16-18).  The answers are in the spirit man.

Take the new man’s power and deal with the flesh.  

You are pure on the inside (Rom 2:28-29).

Remember ALL liars, will have there part in the lake of fire (Rev 21:8)

Know you that neither fornicators, nor idolaters……shall inherit the kingdom of God (I
Cor 6:9-10).
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