Mind set, to exercise the mind, entertain or have a sentiment or opinion, very widely
for the feelings, imagination, will,

Your attitude determines your altitude in life.  The Bible says “as a man thinks in his
heart, so is he.” (Prov 23:7).  I have to confess in the past, I put this in the future,
thinking things were going to get better.  But just yesterday revelation hit me.  Faith
calls it now.  If you thought you had everything you needed to carry out what God
had called you to.  Suppose someone gave you a million dollars today.  How would
you act?  Well the Bible says we are heirs of God.  So we have to think on that,
because the Word of God is the truth.  Attitude is the most important thing in the
Christian life.  You shape your life by your attitude. (Phil 4:4, 6-13,19).

Our attitude has to be based on the Word of God.  The Bible has to be the final
authority in our life.

Attitude is a decision, because the Word says “By His stripes we are healed”. We
have to rise up in holy indignation and refuse to be sick.  When sickness & illness
does come, we stand on the Word, proclaiming it for our life.

Human beings can alter their lives by altering and changing their attitude of mind.  
Now, with the world, they can get the attitude by the mental capacity, but with us it’s
the spirit.  Everything is based on the attitude.  Marilyn Hickey said, “Attitude is
everything.  It is a position you take regarding any situation in your life, or any thing
going on in your life.  Great attitudes produce great results, and so on poor attitude
produces poor results.  Each of us shapes our life by our attitude.  Most people
never think about their attitude at all, they start the day in neutral.  They react to
whatever happens, whatever they see, they hear or they feel.  They are like
Chameleons, going through their day reacting to whatever confronts them.  A
hardened or negative attitude is a dreaded disease, it causes a closed mind and
presents a dark future.  It is our outward look, based on past experience.  

Attitude is the library of our past, the speaker of our present, the prophet of our
future.  Watch your thoughts, they will become your believing, watch your believing
they will become your words, watch your words, they will become your actions, watch
your actions they become your habits, watch your habits they become your
character, watch your character, they become your destiny.  When your attitude is
positive and conducive to growth, the mind expanses and progress begins.

How to get a great attitude, think the way that God thinks (Phil 2:5-10)

Speak the Word only!  Remember, Jesus said, “I only say what I heard the Father

Don’t be like a chameleon, who reacts to situations, but base your attitude on the
Word of God.  Ex: Joseph remained faithful to God, even after being thrown into a
pit, sold in slavery, falsely accused, put in jail, forgotten by the butler.  Then God
exalted him to 2nd in command over Egypt and his vision came to pass.  Jesus told
us to love our enemy and pray for those who use us. (Gal 6:7-9).

Have an attitude of gratitude; the Bible says to rejoice in the Lord always. We come
into God’s presence (Ps 100:4).  Isaiah says in Isa 26:3 “God will keep us in perfect
peace, whose mind is stayed on Him”.

Stay in the love walk!

Don’t agree with your problem.  Jesus said, “don’t take a bad thought saying”.

Remember complaining only agrees with the problem.  Remember the Israelites in
the wilderness.

Develop a vision of victory (focus on the Word) and your attitude will stay positive.
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